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I was referred here from my vet because my little girl needed emergency surgery ASAP. Dr. Hummel worked with my vet & they stayed in constant contact over night. She kept me updated throughout the night as well. I was not asked for $ up front, but again I had just left my vet & AECC knew I was coming.  It is Corona quarantine time, so I stayed in my car, but I received excellent service the entire time she was there.  They were knowledgeable, honest, understanding, & patient with me. They also sent very detailed notes home with me & to my vet. If I ever need emergency services again, they will be my first go to. Thank you AECC!!!

– Jessica M.

I’m so grateful for the staff here and the doctors! They did a surgery on my Manchester terrier Major last year and he is well and alive and it is thankful to the doctors and staff ! I also had taken my Toto for his cremation here after he passed at home and they were so caring and kind and wonderful humans during this time, we will continue going to the daytime vet here also!

– Jenny R.

Our poor baby, Stella, is having some neurological issues, and she has been in a lot of pain. We’ve had to rush her here twice after hours for pain. Dr. Hummel is incredibly caring, knowledgeable and thorough, even when very busy. The staff is also wonderful. I will definitely trust them with my doggies in any emergency.

– Rachel S.

Had a good experience last night. My pup got bit on the ear and had to take him in. They were able to get him in and out in I would say a hour or a little over. They were polite even when I called back with concerns.

– Julia W.

Our 13 year old husky went from “getting along ok” to “very serious” last sunday. we took her in to put her down. we were received promptly and with sympathy. within 30 minutes of arrival, our pup was taken care of. we were invited to be in the room during the procedure, and were given as much time as we wanted to be together after she passed.

– Bob W.